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Cast iron is also of interest to scrap dealers, but at a low price such as scrap metal. We recognize the cast iron with its brittle and very hard appearance. We can find old cast iron bathtubs, radiators, pipes.

Sell ​​aluminum to earn money

Aluminum is a lightweight metal of greater value than scrap metal. It is found in window frames and the construction of partitions (aluminum carpentry in general), but also cans, coffee machines capsules, and simply the aluminum paper! For the fiercest, it is also the metal that is the finned heatsinks on electronic cards power or power in general. The role for the same can be there from the famous for used scrap metals now.

Sell ​​copper to earn money

Copper is recognizable by its characteristic pink color. It is an excellent electrical conductor and its mechanical properties and robustness to oxidation make copper a fairly noble metal

Sell ​​zinc to earn money

Zinc is found mostly in gutter falls and other roof coverings. We do not find them often.

Where to find items for scrap dealers

Making money by gleaning is not so easy, but with the usual, we can recover some interesting things. This approach is close to waste, a food practice consisting in eating food products found in garbage cans. The places to recover interesting materials (steel, copper, aluminum) are numerous and varied and sometimes unexpected.

  • You may come across some abandoned buildings with the charm of another era. Some of them are urbex enthusiasts (urban exploration of abandoned places). The greatest caution is required and you accept your responsibility!
  • Outdoor signage can become an effective advertising tool in the event that their design is done correctly. Sophisticated design helps to attract the attention of potential customers to the information carrier.

In the manufacture of light signs, it is advisable to remember that it will “work” 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions. Therefore, it should be noticeable, informative, but not overloaded with information. It is necessary to provide such conditions under which a potential client could easily (without looking) read the sign. From the reputable signage company in singapore you will be having the best deals now.

Text placement tips

  • The production and design of signage is a complex and time-consuming process that only professionals can handle.
  • The correct arrangement of the text is extremely important. As practice shows:
  • Filling up with too much text makes the sign virtually useless, since the message cannot be read from the car window.

About color

Colors play a crucial role. Experts recommend using contrasting shades. They should cause certain associations, provoking a desire to make a purchase. According to experts, the “selling” colors include green, blue and white. But do not forget that color combinations should provide ease of reading. Green text on a white background is a great option; red on purple is a bad decision.

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