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You have decided to start your business, but you feel hesitant? You are afraid that you may not succeed, and you see a huge number of obstacles? In 2013, according to a study by the National Association of Innovation and Information Technology, a decline in innovation activity was observed in Russia: a decrease in the number of requests and proposals from innovators, a general decline in interest in innovative projects. Among the 538 developers of innovative projects from 21 regions of the country, about 31% of the participants planned to change their activities to a permanent job in the real sector, and 13% had already abandoned their projects.

  1. Do not be afraid to share your idea with everyone.

It is notorious that entrepreneurs are overly suspicious people. Do you think that someone will steal your idea if you openly discuss it, for example, in social networks? Not at all. Develop an idea that will be difficult to steal, and surround you with trusted people. It is important how you plan to implement your idea, and not the idea itself. For the best business opportunity this is the best deals now.

  1. Ignore advice

The number of people who dare to launch their startup is much less than the number of those who simply speak about their desire. And the thing is that there will always be such “clever men” from among friends, relatives, colleagues who want to temper your ardor, advising: “You are too young / old”, “You have no experience at all” or “You have absolutely no of money”. Familiar? In fact, no one understands the situation better than you and is unable to assess the possible risks. Trust your heart. Take a chance. And very soon you will understand what you can do: hold a bird in your hand or hunt a crane.

  1. Do not delay with the launch date of the project

Nothing stimulates people like a specific timeline for the completion of the project. If the realization of your idea lasts for an indefinitely long amount of time, then you will find hundreds of reasons to postpone this date. Remember: you can’t create something perfect right away. But over time, you can refine your idea, for example, based on the wishes and feedback of customers.

  1. Go responsibly to the choice of business partners.

Assess your partners as meticulously as if you were choosing a husband / wife. After all, at first you will spend much more time with these people than with your family. Many unions of young entrepreneurs break up precisely because of interpersonal differences. Be convinced even before the start of the project that associates not only support your idea and are professionals in their field, but also that you are psychologically comfortable working with these people. After all, the success of a business largely depends on the team. In this case, all should be laid out at 100%.

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